Success Stories: Family Law

Fresh Start for a Young Family

Jamie had training and experience in a specialized type of teaching technique.  She could not find appropriate work in Minnesota, where her skills were not in demand.  But she was stuck here, because the fathers of  her two children would not let her leave the state with the children, and she would not leave the kids.

She was offered a professional job in another state, a job that would have given her a sizeable salary and benefits.  A job commensurate with her skills.  The fathers would not agree to her leaving the state even though doing so would give their kids a fresh start out of poverty.  I secured a court order allowing Jamie to move out of state (with appropriate time for the kids to see their fathers) so she could profitably pursue her career.  The kids are thriving in a private school.

Protecting Kids from Drugs and Violence

For ten years, Charles tried to wrest his three kids  from a dangerous household.  He knew their mother had them in a home with violence and drug use.  For ten years, Charles could not convince the courts to allow him to intervene.  I got Charles a hearing with evidence and witnesses and won him custody of the children.  The children are now lovingly and safely in his care.

UPDATE: I got Charles’ $1,500/month child support obligation to the children’s mom eliminated, and I got her ordered to pay Charles nearly $800 / month!

Mom Gets Treatment; Dad Gets Custody

Chad contacted me deeply worried.  The mother of his child had been taken to detox over night.  What could he do?  I immediately got an emergency ex parte court order getting Chad temporary immediate custody of the child while mom was unreachable in detox.  The court ordered temporary custody of the child to my client and suspended his child support obligations (saving him much more money than it cost for me to represent him).   I moved the court to give Chad permanent custody.  We stayed on top of the mother’s behavior, we kept on top of Chad and the child’s rights, and now Chad has permanent custody of the child while mom gets the help she needs for drug and alcohol addiction.